About BeauxArt Media

Elise Perry is the President of BeauxArt Media LLC, A Multi-Media Production Company. BeauxArt Media seeks always to innovate while co-branding with you!

Elise Perry is a Veteran Music Producer/Arranger, Film/Video Director and Content Creator for broadcast,  web, corporate, government, Film, TV, Ad Agency and artistic & musical performance.  From government programs to nationally broadcasted network news, Presidential Inaugurations and great performances, Ms. Perry has worked on a long list of these productions seen locally and worldwide. Ms. Perry is a Music Producer/Arranger (Tamara Wellons “Runaway” Kindred The Family Soul “Far Away”, “Rhythm Of Life”, “My Time” ) Film Score Producer/Music Supervisor (Harold Jackson’s “Last Night”, Sonya Grier’s “Citizen Consumer”, “DogParks & CoffeeShops”, BET’s “Hits From The Street”, “Uncut”, Maxie Collier’s “Mind Games”). Vocal Producer/Arranger (“Tamara Wellons “Behind The Veil”, “Smells Like Teen Spirit”, ). Live performance Director/Technical Director, Camera and Jib Operator, broadcast specialist for (NBC, BET, National Geographic, PBS,  TEDxWDC), Video/Film Director (Tracy Hamlin “Talk To Me”, Kindred The Family Soul, “Going To The Go-Go”, “Behind (Zo’s) ManMade”, LilSoSo’s “AudioTrip” ), Documentary Editor (“Citizen Consumer”, “DogParks & CoffeeShops”) 
Currently, Ms. Perry producing music for various artists and projects, developing bold distribution platforms and programming structures for alternative programming for video and music.